Snowflake Data Platform

Snowflake Data Platform


Businesses today need systems that enable scalability and quick decision-making since they are global and flexible. In its place, they require a platform that can manage the massive data collection for real-time visibility and analysis while preventing any synchronization issues. 

Enterprises are now aware that storing, analysing, and sharing data on the cloud improves performance and efficiency. For businesses, this process eliminates a number of processes and prevents the confusion that may be caused by duplicated, compartmentalised data that is cut off from its source. In comparison to a traditional data warehouse or data lake, a carefully planned migration can result in substantial benefits, including additional capabilities at a reduced cost.

We at Lagozon assist businesses in determining their data management and storage requirements as a Snowflake Technology Partner. We provide our customers with services around implementation, Data Integration, and support for the Snowflake platform. Our data engineers assist you in migrating from an on-premise database without any downtime, data loss, or logic loss. Additionally, to increase the ROI, our data science team offers data analysis & visualization to ensure rapid decision-making.

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Our Snowflake Data Platform Offerings are:

Implementation Services

With the aid of our continuous implementation process, you instantly see a return on your investment. Business requirements, end-state design, strong data model & much more are primary areas of focus on our end.

Data Integration Services

Snowflake Data Integration is a process that enhances company’s business operations by combining different forms of data into a single system. We at Lagozon have top Data Analysts with expertise in BI tools who assist in integrating data on Snowflake.

Optimization Services

Our optimization services will assist you with recognizing, prioritizing, and mitigating pricing or performance issues. We at Lagozon offer customized analysis, consulting, and action plan for optimization, irrespective of any issue you may encounter during the process.

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