Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

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Outsourcing Delivery Model

Traditional outsourcing models are based on a vendor’s ability to hire a large number of “trainee” engineers and deploy them with basic training on client engagements. While this helps achieve scale, clients face the consequences in the form of low productivity and unpredictable quality. Coding standards, robustness of design, testing rigor, etc. are typical victims of this model. Lagozon‘s outsourcing model is specifically designed to deliver higher quality & productivity to our clients. The model is based on deep and intensive, customer-specific training program that is mandatory for all resources before they are deployed to customer engagements.

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Delivery Excellence

The critical components on which our Delivery Model is built are: Process, Tools, Frameworks and Best Practices – and it is these components that lay the foundation for each and every successful client engagement. The Governance framework, Communication Model, Escalation Model, Quality Assurance, Program Management, Thought Leadership, Knowledge Assets and Internal Tools (for end-to-end project life cycle management) all serve to align the business challenges of the client with executing the right engagement strategy.

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Certified Team

For the success of any business, it is critical to have the right skills at the right time. To ensure that our clients’ information technology objectives are achieved, we ensure the skills required for implementing and maintaining their projects are readily available.  Lagozon has a strong team of certified engineers in multiple technologies  Like cloud, data platform and AI/ML

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Domain Expertise

Over the years, Lagozon team has acquired experience across different business verticals in industry. We have classified this experience into entities known as ‘Practices’ which are hubs of skills for strategic or niche domains and/or technologies. The skills of a particular area are housed under a Practice and executed via our client-centric Strategic Business Units (SBUs).