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Tableau - Changing The Way You Think About Data

Harness the power of data.Unleash the potential .The future of analytics start today

Why Use Tableau?

Less time required to pull and prepare data

Tableau’s built-in data connections and preparation tools enable analysts to quickly get data in a usable format.So, more time for analysis.

Interactivity and segmentation on-the-fly

Tableau allows for filters to be added to dashboards. This allows the stakeholder to segment the dashboard down to just the region or brand they manage.

Flexibility to explore and try new things

Tableau’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows analysts to spend their time finding insights instead of figuring out the technical how-to.

Share up-to-date dashboards

Tableau dashboards can have embedded login information to your company’s data sources. Tableau Server will then pull in the latest data to your dashboard on a set schedule