Tableau Solutions

Tableau Solutions


Everywhere, businesses—from non-profits to multinational corporations, and across all sectors and divisions—are using data to give their employees more influence. Regardless of their position, individuals and teams are utilising Tableau to unearth fresh perspectives and chances while fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making like never before. 

At Lagozon, we offer the whole spectrum of Tableau services, from implementation to roadmap and strategy. Our Tableau solutions enable businesses to forecast, analyse, and publish logical reports for well-informed decisions. Strong data governance is made possible by our solutions for cooperation. For businesses all over the world, we have successfully implemented cloud and on-premise Tableau solutions. By adhering to the standards set by the sector, we make sure that client data is protected. We have implemented analytics programmes successfully. Your success with analytics is ensured by our outstanding product knowledge & subject matter experience. You will acquire the information you need to expand your business with the help of our data analytics solutions.

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Our Tableau Solution offerings are:

Discovering Insights with Data Cloud

To access your consumer data and offer actionable insights at scale, we use Data Cloud for Tableau. It assists everyone to see, automate, analyze & act on data with Data Cloud for Tableau because it allows seamless connection to integrated & unified data.

Modern Cloud Analytics

Modern Cloud Analytics (MCA) combines Tableau, and their cloud computing resources to help you get the most out of your data and analytics investments journey. Our collaboration enables you to securely establish and scale your cloud analytics practices.

Predictive Analytics

The application of time series and forecasting is another useful aspect of Tableau. With a few basic drag-and-drop operations and the relevant fields, one can instantly obtain data predictions such as forecasts or a trend line, thanks to Tableau’s robust backend.

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