Support As a Service

Support As a Service


We understand that Customer are working on cost reduction as one of the key pillars for their Analytics program and intends to standardize and streamline the processes under a common management & execution framework. Team at Lagozon understands the following as the key factors that would deem the initiative to be a success:

  • Reduction and optimization of the total cost of ownership across various data analytics platforms and applications.
  • Achieve reduction in support spend through consistent tools and practices.
  • Achieve new levels of innovation, growth, and competence.
  • Enhance compliance and reduce risk.
  • Balance investments and maintain high standards of discipline and reliability across applications.

Business Outcomes & Performance Measures for Support Engagement

Business Outcomes Performance Measures
First Time:
  • Deployment of skilled consultants.
  • Improvement in capabilities through Lagozon Digital CoE.
  • Continued tracking of rework/escalation in governance meetings.
Platform Reporting and Deliverables:
  • Detailed analysis of current report covering tickets, Changes, Application Performance.
Thought Leadership:
  • Alignment of team to the Customer team, increasing collaboration and ensuring delivery excellence through innovative practices.
Incident Reduction:
  • Setting of targets to reduce the re-opening of incidents.
Positive Customer Feedback:
  • Design and implementation of measurable feedback mechanism from business stakeholders of Customer, possibly along similar lines to the Customer Delight Index (CDI).
Green BSC:
  • Development of Balanced Scorecard during transition to track operational health, productivity and metrics.

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