Transform your business by using advanced analytics for pro-active insights and data to drive choices. Lagozon assists manufacturing companies in using data to streamline operations, increase supply chain agility, and enhance customer service boosting efficiency and profitability.

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Convert your data into insights, then take appropriate action.

The manufacturing sector is a dynamic one with constantly shifting consumer expectations. Manufacturing analytics boosts the efficiency of operations, streamline production monitoring, enhance customer service, and transforming real-time data into real-time insights.

Benefits of Data Analytics in Manufacturing

Boosting Production & Services

Real-time data may be gathered from a variety of sources throughout the manufacturing and supply chain, and when coupled with ML and visualization tools, they can produce insights for the entire business.

Management of Supply Chain

To enable multi-channel demand-driven inventory availability, manufacturers must overcome supply chain complexity. BI tools can link directly to internal systems like ERP, SCM, Forecasting, MES and many more.

Assets Management

Software for manufacturing analytics aids in effective asset management, extending their lifespan & avoiding unscheduled downtime. Effectiveness & efficiency improves significantly with the help of Manufacturing Analytics.

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