Support and Service

Support and Service

Lagozon for Support and Service

Let Lagozon help you respond to challenges quickly and boost your customer satisfaction by tapping into the treasury of data with support and service analytics.

Lagozon can make data the superpower of your service and support staff

The most successful companies in the world use data to enhance customer experiences, raise customer satisfaction, and cultivate customer loyalty. They can deliver best-in-class customer care thanks to analytics, which give them comprehensive visibility into their clients and an understanding of service operations. With Lagozon’s assistance you can make data the superpower of your service and support staff.

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Empowering Support and Service Analytics

Improve Call Centre efficiency

To improve SLAs, eliminate operational inefficiencies, increase representative occupancy, and pinpoint personnel needs. Improve customer ticket response times and backlogs by going farther with customer service BI.

Boost client loyalty

Use Lagozon’s analytics services to analyze your client base and discover who is most likely to leave, how frequently they utilize support services, and who is most likely to remain active.

Avoiding Crisis

By monitoring response times, average wait durations, and abandonment rates with customer service analytics, you can enhance the number of incidents that are resolved within SLAs and boost customer satisfaction.

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