Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics


Sales teams require more than just data in these highly competitive times; they also require true insight. Lagozon enables sales teams to predictably increase revenue. With the help of our top-notch sales analytics’ solutions, businesses can increase productivity, boost sales, and lower risk.

Use data-driven forecasting and pipeline management to make sure-footed plans

When sales targets are not met, how you use data to inform your planning decisions, can play a significant role. In fact, a lack of pipeline data and the restricted analytical capabilities provided by legacy CRM platforms are two of the major reasons why forecasts are inaccurate and targets are missed. In order to increase the accuracy of quota analysis, benchmarks, and forecasts, Lagozon assists sales teams in analyzing all available historical and current data to uncover pertinent trends and behavior patterns.

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Using data to provide a fantastic client experience can increase happiness and loyalty

Providing clients with a fantastic experience is crucial for maintaining sales growth in a market where expectations are rising and competitors are continually innovating. So where should you direct your attention? With Lagozon, you can combine all of your customer data, feedback, and analytics to proactively manage and enhance the customer experience. Improve your knowledge of what customers want, set priorities for your actions, and track your success.

Empowering Sales Analytics

Increase sales with analytics insights that go far beyond what your CRM can offer

True sales analytics demand much more than what a CRM can offer in the way of straightforward reports and frequently scant historical data. Sales can completely explore and analyze CRM data thanks to Lagozon.

Improved product performance analysis can speed-up your success.

Building a more effective and successful business requires making the most of the revenue potential your products provide. Lagozon creates intelligent strategies that assist in making informed choices on products.

Cloud computing can help you in accelerating your Sales force

Using Lagozon, you can rapidly get up and running with pre-built dashboards that display your account tracking, quarterly results, top accounts, opportunity overview, opportunity tracking & marketing leads.

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