Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics


With Lagozon analytics services, you can combine marketing data to gain unmatched insight into your use of social media, website performance, digital media spending, customer journeys & more.

Contemporary Marketing Analytics

Modern marketing analytics gives you a complete view of your company by merging data from numerous sources, allowing you to plan and improve at every stage of the funnel based on revenue attribution. Moreover, self-service, AI-powered analytics available today let any user run reports, create dashboards, and analyze and visualize their data.

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Marketing is being transformed by smart analytics

Closed network

To monitor and optimize across the whole funnel based on genuine ROI, break down data silos and analyze an integrated data set.

One reliable source

Obtain a trustworthy, centralized source of controlled data that you can rely on, and stop wondering whether KPI is accurate or not.

Insights powered by AI

Let AI lead you by automatically revealing relationships and insights in your data and suggesting innovative ideas to assist you in a better manner.


Access, visualize, analyze data, create dashboards, and execute reports for any user. You can also optimize conversational analytics to ask for queries.

Empowering Marketing Analytics

Faster delivery of holistic insights

Integrate all consumer data seamlessly to power your marketing analytics. Use real-time, cross-channel, structured, and semi-structured data from internal and external sources.

Know your customers and serve them

In order to power your segmentation models, recommendation engines, and other artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) investments, we provide relevant and consistent data.

Improve your marketing ROI

Real-time continuous analytics may be easily implemented, allowing data to show which of your engagements across a variety of channels have the biggest impact.

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