Finance Analytics

Finance Analytics


Finance, accounting & reporting departments must provide precise and useful information in real time for firms to succeed. With the use of Lagozon’s strong finance analytics, you can control risks & costs, increase profitability & transparency & make better decisions.

Assisting organizational transformation
with Technology and Data

With the aid of Lagozon’s technology capabilities, customized analytics solutions provided by Lagozon and our partner ecosystem, assists organizations in overcoming data and technological silos and thriving in a data-intensive, highly regulated, and competitive environment.

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Empowering Finance Analytics

Improve operational spending

Use data from several corporate areas, including marketing, sales, operations, and more, to better understand the costs incurred. assist important stakeholders in gaining knowledge about how to increase income, save costs, and retain profitability.

Acquire knowledge about Profit and Loss

Increase your understanding of the income, expenses & costs incurred during a given time frame. Provide the appropriate stakeholders access to information about company’s capacity to increase income & reduce operational costs.

Better synchronize the cash flow

Get all pertinent information about financial withdrawals that fund operations & investments within a specific time period, as well as all cash inflows that come from ongoing operations & outside sources. Analyze how cash flow is being synchronized.

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