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GST E-Invoicing

GST e-invoicing software for your businesses

Currently, e-invoices generated by different businesses lack a standard. They use the format as provided by the ERP or billing software. Lack of a standard format leads to a scenario where e-invoice generated on one billing software can’t be read by another, requiring manual data entry from an electronically generated invoice.

Lagozon GST e-invoicing application will ensure complete interoperability of e-invoices across the entire GST eco-system and will eliminate the need for manual data entry mitigating chances of errors

Our GST e-invoicing Workflow

How you can close your Invoice submission using our Application?

Phase 1

  1. Understand e Invoice Schema
  2. Make necessary changes in customer/organization application to generate JSON schema as published
  3. Enable customer to send JSON file to IRP (Invoice Reference Portal)
    1. API
    2. Through IRP portal Upload
  4.  Receive digitally signed Invoice with QR Code and make available to user in readable format

Phase 2

  1. Send the digitally signed e-Invoice to Buyer/Customer in whose name the invoice was generated (P2P)
  2. Provide Inbox/Email View of received Invoices for
    1. Downloading in user readable format and take it in Inventory
    2. GRN creation
    3. Matching with PO
    4. Add to Inventory

Phase 3

  1. Accept/Reject the e Invoice and send to GST system