Data Analytics – Process and Technology Audit

Data Analytics – Process and Technology Audit

Lagozon provides the expertise needed to manage business analytics processes and offers technology and process audit solutions. Our team is comprised of partners, advisors, and industry consultants considered being some of the top professionals in the business analytics today. Coupled with our broad service offering and vast industry knowledge base, we are a vital resource for any organization.

Our Business Analytics Audit services would help in the following areas:

Application review

Security review

Documentation ( BRD, SRS, Test Cases, User Manual) and testing practices review

Data Modelling, Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) process reviews.​

Requirement Analysis – Bi-directional Traceability Matrix​

Mapping of Visualization layer with Industry best practices​

Code Review ( usage of coding best practices)​

Random Test Case execution ( sanity testing)​

Random Data Validation Testing

Review of Project Planning , Monitoring and Causal Analysis practices