Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing Solutions


IT resources are delivered on demand over the web today by cloud solutions, commonly referred to as cloud computing or cloud services. On pay-per-use basis, cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google cloud platform provide their members anything from applications to data centers. IT resources are being swiftly scaled up or down with cloud solutions to match company requirements.

Cloud computing allows for quick access to adaptable and affordable IT resources without requiring significant up-front hardware investments or time-consuming installation and maintenance. To launch a new venture or run the IT departments more effectively, businesses can now provision precisely the kind and amount of IT resources they require.


Cloud computing solutions provide businesses easy, on-demand access to common pools of IT resources, enhancing productivity, lowering costs, and rebalancing capital and operating expenditures. Many companies are employing a combination of private, public, and hybrid cloud technologies. A software-defined infrastructure called OpenStack can be used to create new business workloads, support DevOps initiatives, or convert conventional data centres into private clouds.

Lagozon provides the guidance, insights, and mechanisms needed to assist you in migrating to cloud services. We can be your partner to assist your journey to the cloud with Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). We can Support your current & future IT / Business requirements and provide services to help you in transforming your business by providing Innovative solutions, and Optimize Operations cost.

Our Cloud Computing Solutions are:

Cloud Migration

The process of partially or completely transferring company’s digital assets, IT resources etc. to the cloud is known as cloud migration. We at Lagozon know that migrating to cloud is essential for stellar real-time experience.

Data Backup & Restore

Data backup is the process of storing extra backups of the information. We at Lagozon ensure that all the data of our clients is backed up so in any case work doesn’t stop & the project deadlines can be met in an amicable manner.

IaaS Solutions

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) software provides a complete cloud development & deployment environment. We at Lagozon assist you in lifting & shifting your existing setup onto IaaS.

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